Ann Arbor Massage Classes for Men


Ann Arbor Massage Classes for Men

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During the holiday season all the Massage Classes for Men will meet at the regularly scheduled times.

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Come to the massage classes for men that meet in Ann Arbor, every Tues. and Sat. night starting at 8 PM, and every Sunday and Thursday during the day starting at 2 pm. The classes last a couple of hours but the atmosphere is informal and you can leave whenever you need. You can just show up to the massage class, you don't need to make reservations. Call me if you have further questions.

At a massage class you can get a massage from a couple of guys at once. Learn some massage techniques. Make some friends. It takes place in a relaxed casual setting with candlelight and soft music.

The massage class meets at a house in downtown Ann Arbor, at 209 West Kingsley. This is located one and a half blocks west of Main Street and three blocks north of Huron. The house is olive green in color with a red brick porch. Click on directions to find out how to get here.

Usually there are 10 to 20 men who attend each session. Some of the men have been here before and some are newcomers. I pair off or triple up guys who are similar in age. And in these groups of two to four guys one may get massaged by the other guys for ten to fifteen minutes. We rotate so that everyone has a chance to get massaged by his teammates if he wants. During the class I instruct on some methods of massage therapy. After the class is formally over, guys may continue to massage each other more.

I teach the Swedish method which involves use of a variety of strokes, including lengthening, gliding strokes, deeper circular movements, very firm pressure on trouble spots, vibration, jostling, and percussion.

Your boundaries and space are respected in this environment. It's a fun way to meet others.

I charge $15 and I include sheets, oil, shower, soap, towels, and a relaxed setting with, music and candlelight.

You can pay at the door with cash, credit card, check, or the Venmo app.
Use the PayPal button below to prepay for a session using a credit card/Paypal account. You don't need to have a PayPal account to use this service. Avoid worrying about finding a bank/ATM beforehand.
If you already have a Paypal Account then you can send payment directly to my Paypal linked email address:

Feel free to call me at 734-662-6282 - or Text me at 734-646-4195

Thursday daytime classes have begun. They meet in Ann Arbor and they start at 2pm. send me a message Add yourself to my email list for the massage groups.

Rules to Provide for Everyone's Comfort and Safety:

  1. Lock up any of your valuables with me when you arrive. This includes wallet, money, watch etc.
  2. Take a shower before you arrive or take a shower at my place when you arrive.
  3. Please practice appropriate hygienic measures.
  4. Be respectful of the boundaries and limits of other participants.