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Massage Therapy

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How My Massage Works

Safety is a value I cherish. Toward that end I am fully vaccinated against Covid and Monkeypox as well as being current on vaccinations for flu, bacterial meningitis, etc. I take responsibility for my health and safety and I want to provide a service that insures your comfort and peace of mind.

My therapeutic massage will relieve muscular tension and help you relax. Using appropriate pressure for you, I sensitively massage your muscles. I do a variety of techniques including Swedish, acupressure, friction and kneading techniques to get rid of tension in the muscles of the legs, arms, neck, shoulders, back and head. I may also incorporate some body stretches to help muscles become more elastic and rejuvenated. The massage is geared to get rid of muscle tension, feelings of stress, and create a deep sense of relaxation.

I have a comfortable massage table with a head rest. I use soft cotton sheets and towels. I play relaxing music and create a serene environment with candlelight. I can use unscented or scented massage oil. In the Ann Arbor location a shower is available to refresh and wash off.

My Background

I'm 48 years old and have been massaging since 1989. I graduated from a state licensed school of massage in Michigan. Though I am only 5'7" tall I am capable of providing deep tissue and deep pressure massage techniques if that is the preferred method.

My Locations

You will be treated to massage in a cozy, private, conveniently located office or I can come to you. My Ann Arbor location is at 209 West Kingsley Street. Go to the directions for info. on how to get here.


I charge $50 for an hour long massage in my Ann Arbor location. I can also bring my massage table to your home or business and I charge $70 to $90 an hour depending on travel time. You can pay with cash, check, credit card, Venmo, or Paypal when I meet you for your appointment. Or you can use credit card and use the PayPal buttons below.

Credit Card and/or Prepaying in Advance

You can pay me when I meet you for your appointment with cash, credit card, Venmo or check.
Or if you choose a PayPal button below you can prepay for a session using a credit card. You don't need to have a PayPal account to use this service. Avoid worrying about finding a bank/ATM beforehand.
If you already have a Paypal Account then you can send payment directly to my Paypal linked email address:

Ann Arbor Your Place Longer Sessions
$50 - hour $70 - hour Please ask for price. Please ask for price.

Contact Me

If you are interested than please call me at 734-646-4195 to set up an appointment or email me at . I can be available at the last minute sometimes.

History of Massage

My work is primarily based on the Swedish technique, so named for the Swede Per Henrik Ling who popularized modern massage in the West. This method involves use of a variety of strokes, including lengthening, gliding strokes, deeper circular movements, very firm pressure on trouble spots, vibration, jostling, and percussion. With this base, I also work on Shiatsu acupressure points, and apply stretches and range of motion manipulations. My focus is on addressing all types of soft tissue in the body, with the thought of relaxing and cleansing balanced areas, and offering the possibility of change to imbalances. My touch can range from releasing to challenging, relaxing to mildly painful, gentle to insistent. All of these sensations or none of them need happen with your session.

Your Privacy

Please help me tailor our time together to your specific wants and needs. I've noticed a tendency in some clients to be completely silent and minimally responsive. There is certainly nothing wrong with this approach to receiving work, so long as it is chosen. However, I believe the best therapy of any kind is when my client expresses clearly what helps with muscle tension.

One huge factor which prevents some people from an active role in designing their therapy, and sometimes from finding massage therapy at all, is the vulnerability they may feel about the mechanics involved. Undressing and lying on a table for touch therapy can be a lot to ask of yourself. Our culture does not encourage acknowledgment about the reality of our bodies. But the reality exists, and the myriad benefits of touch therapy are indisputable. My training includes sensitivity to bodily exposure, and your privacy is respected.